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Husk Power Nepal

The consumption of total energy for residential purpose accounts about 80 percent in Nepal which covers mainly cooking, heating and lightening. Their access to purified and commercial energy such as electricity, LPG gas and kerosene is limited due to low purchasing capacity and limited access to improved infrastructures. In the overall energy consumption, 77 percent energy comes from the firewood, 9 percent from the agriculture residues and animal dried dung and remaining 14 percent energy comes from imported petroleum product, coal and electricity.

Achivement of our company

  • Green Apple Award for Environment Best Practices
  • Climate Change Management Award 2019
  • Awarded in Design Competition of ICS

Company Structure

Reseach & Development

A separate unit for R&D works for innovation, product diversification, quality improvement to address the consumer feedback and make plans and strategies for future. This unit is also responsible to receive


A separate factory unit produces clean cook stoves and spare parts.

Sales & Promotion

The sales and promotion unit coordinates and collaborates with development agencies, national/provincial/local government, CSO for promotion of clean cook stoves. It also makes contracts with private sector actors for supply and delivery of MICS products.

Our Product

HPNJE-01 ND (Tier 2, natural draft stove)

HPN-01FD (Tier 3, force draft stove)

Husk Pellet Rice Husk

Sales of Husk Power Stove

Development Agencies and Government
Private Sales
Order Received

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